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A typographic puzzle

Category : typography · by Oct 16th, 2011

From “Stop Stealing Sheep & Learn How Type Works”:

This is a typographic puzzle. Which typeface do you think fits which shoe?


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[…] •Will easily be outdated: A good logo will last over time. The new Arby’s logo is restricted to current trends and in several years will be about as stale as their sandwiches. •Unnecessary visual elements: Only one barb is needed. There should be a strong element that attracts the viewer’s eye and is memorable. If a logo utilizes more than one barb, they often fight for attention and create tension within the logo. In this case, there is the hat and the slicer-appostrophe. The apostrophe is minimal and is overshadowed by the hat, so it really isn’t necessary. It could have simply been left out and the logo wouldn’t have lost anything. •Poor relationship between type and image: The 3-d hat does not relate to the 2-d typeface. Also, the modern typeface doesn’t pair well with the older southwest-style hat with a modern font. Imagine wearing an old western cowboy hat with an 80′s jumpsuit. I actually posted a blog months ago with a “typographic puzzle” where one matches shoes with the typeface that fits them. […]

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