The Big Apple

Today I returned from New York City and I had a blast. The trip went by entirely too fast. New York truly is one of the greatest cities in the world. New York is a great accumulation of culture, ideas, and activity. At the foundation of the monumental skyscrapers and billboards are some of the greatest museums, food, architecture, stores, sites, history, and diverse collection of people. Here are some photographs from my trip:

Times Square

The Statue of Liberty

Where the twin towers once stood

The New York skyline-or part of it (it is far too large to capture in one photograph).

While walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, we had a great view of the city.

The Wallstreet Bull

David Letterman’s studio

NBC studios where SNL is filmed and where Late Night with Conan O’Brien was filmed.

Central Park

More of Central Park

Sheep’s Meadow was a fantastic part of Central Park where people could chill and enjoy a nice view of the city.

Jerry Springer

At the Museum of Modern Art, this exhibit allowed people to write their name on the wall at their height.

My name is on here somewhere

Inside the American Museum of Natural History.

Elmo tried to bum money from us soon after this photograph. Who knew that Elmo was a bum?

Our hotel room. Yes, it was this small. Notice that everything has the same pattern (walls, curtains, lamp shade, pillows, headboard, etc.).

Reflection of buildings in the water (very Dali-esque).

The Plaza Hotel (from Home Alone 2)

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