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New personal challenge in the works

Category : graphic design, typography · by Apr 20th, 2013

I’ve began a new project and personal goal, which consists of hand-lettering a vocabulary word every day for a year. The goal is to improve my lettering skills while simultaneously learning 365 new words.

I was inspired by a project called The Daily Artifact, which was a personal challenge by Corey Fuller, a friend and former teacher of mine, to create a drawing, design, photograph, doodle, etc., every day for a year.

My plan is to sketch a word daily and then at the end of each month, choose one of the sketches to create finished type on the computer.

Here are the sketches from the first three days:





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Mandy Horton
10 years ago · Reply

Sounds like a great project! I can’t wait to see how it goes.

[…]   […]

[…] now completed two vocabulary words for my handlettering project. The goal is to sketch a word a day for a year and complete one per month on the computer. […]

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