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Monkeys are going to steal your babies!

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Add this to a long list of reasons to facepalm at PETA. They recently implemented this campaign in the D.C. Metro to create awareness for the treatment of baby monkeys. The problem is that the designer used poor hierarchy and grouped the text with the image, unintentionally conveying that the monkeys pictured are taking your freedom and your babies. Oops.


Southwest Airlines: Cheap fares and cheaper communication

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This sponsored post by Southwest Airlines appeared on my Facebook timeline. Apparently the image is supposed to say “Sale”, though I didn’t figure this out until I read some of the comments. Other commenters saw words(?) like SLLE, SILE, STLE, SMLE, etc. Southwest spent money promoting a post that is difficult to read. An important aspect of both design and marketing is clear communication. Rather than focusing on communication, they instead tried to be cute with the image.


Fresh Impressions on Brandmarks (from a 5-year-old)

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Some Poor Ad Placement

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A Clever Seatbelt Advertisment

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Examples of creative advertising for inspiration

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Summer time for Schmizza!

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It’s summer time and Pizza Schmizza is teaming up with Jones Soda to kick off Free Soda Fridays. Here is the Facebook cover photo I designed to promote the deal!

Schmizza’s summer is already off to a good start with a visit from Saturday Night Live/Portlandia actor Fred Armisen!

Check out Schmizza on Facebook for more details on the free soda!

Land of the Fearless!

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Zzoom Media’s newest client, Fearless Brewing was in need of a facebook cover photo and twitter background. The idea we came up with was to display Fearless’ viking theme and communicate that it is an Oregon-based brewery. To convey this, I created a map of the Portland area in the style of an old viking map. Before working on the computer, I illustrated the map by hand using prismacolor markers, colored pencils, and rapidograph on illustration board.

I Printed a map(above) of the region to use as a reference, then I used tracing paper to create the rivers and boundaries.

I used the prismacolor to create a base color (above), and then used colored pencils(below) to add details.

After scanning the illustration, it was time to finish the map on the computer.

29 ways to stay creative


nobody reads ads

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