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Design is a battlefield (and we are winning)!

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Here is a very well done video by The University of Central Oklahoma’s Design program (my alma mater) about the accomplishments and exciting future of their design program.

A timeline of activities and achievements of the Department of Design at the University of Central Oklahoma designed by AdamGault, MFA Design Candidate for a class project.

Rendering Synthetic Objects into Legacy Photographs

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Rendering Synthetic Objects into Legacy Photographs from Kevin Karsch on Vimeo.

Also, I will be moving my blog to a wordpress during the new year. It will be linked at my website.

typography infographic

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A quick and well organized typography guide!


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Amongst other things, design is about clear communication and persuasion. A designer must consistently seek innovative new ways to reach the target market and ultimately create awareness or sell a product or service. A lot of thought and rationale is put into each design decision. A graphic designer doesn’t choose a font, image or color because it “looks cool”, but rather because it incites a feeling, enhances a message, or effectively communicates said message. Unfortunately there are many that call themselves graphic designers that do not consider the purpose of each element, and aim to create something that “looks cool”. This often merely consists of adding multifarious photoshop filters and egregious type alterations to a stolen stock image. The result is often a composition that is only effective as an eyesore, rather than problem solving and clear communication. One of my college professors, Jim Watson, refers to this misuse of technology as macrap:

Macrap philosophy
Macrap happens when a Mac user builds graphic elements based on this premise:
when you do something just because you can, not because you should.
Many computer users are seduced by the technology and they lose sight of the task at hand – communicating or enhancing a message. When a computer user loses sight of the message and the solution objectives, the chance for poor design increases. The computer has made the production of design much easier in many ways. But with the ease, speed, and convenience; comes responsibility to use the tool wisely. If not, Macrap is produced.
Macrap is not poorly designed ads – that’s just crap. Macrap is a misuse of technology or design technology used by non-designers.

A friend of mine created this site to call out faux designers that create poor design and demean the profession. Now these poor designs now serve a functional purpose…amusement for those that are actually educated and experienced in the profession.


Just because you pirated photoshop and your mom thinks you’re creative does not make you a designer.

Guerilla advertising (don’t try this at an airport)

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Ryujin 3.5

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Satoshi Kamiya created this dragon out of a single piece of paper with no cuts.

What do you want from your design?

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