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Category : Uncategorized · by Apr 8th, 2011

I’ve re-designed my website this week and I’d like to take the time not only to promote my new site, but also show older versions and how the design has evolved.

Here is the first version of my website, which I designed in April/May of 2009 while I was in college. As you can see, my logo has since been tweaked and the design is very much limited to my knowledge of dreamweaver/css at the time.

The next website was launched in February of 2010 shortly after graduating. I got rid of the blocky layout and went with a more minimal layout.

My most recent design was launched this week, about two years after the initial site was produced. I decided that the previous site was too minimal and many of the elements weren’t connected well. I wanted to design a site that was visually appealing, easy to navigate, and showcased work effectively. I utilized a grid to organize the work in a way that was visually appealing and functional. Rather than having a different page for each project, and numbers and arrows to navigate between different photos of projects, I just simplified the design to one page that features thumbnails of each design that open with a lightbox of the images. I used the lightbox for images so the viewer can view larger images of each project. The website can be viewed at www.jasonkeisling.com.

A portfolio is an ongoing process and I will be continually adding more work. I think the site has improved drastically with each layout and I’m hopeful that the eventual fourth version will continue that trend.


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