Jason Keisling

Land of the Fearless!

Category : advertising, graphic design · by Jun 7th, 2012

Zzoom Media’s newest client, Fearless Brewing was in need of a facebook cover photo and twitter background. The idea we came up with was to display Fearless’ viking theme and communicate that it is an Oregon-based brewery. To convey this, I created a map of the Portland area in the style of an old viking map. Before working on the computer, I illustrated the map by hand using prismacolor markers, colored pencils, and rapidograph on illustration board.

I Printed a map(above) of the region to use as a reference, then I used tracing paper to create the rivers and boundaries.

I used the prismacolor to create a base color (above), and then used colored pencils(below) to add details.

After scanning the illustration, it was time to finish the map on the computer.


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