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Inspirational package design

Category : Uncategorized · by May 25th, 2011

I want another package design project and I really want a beer client. I enjoy designing packaging because it adds another dimension to the design and creates more opportunities for creativity. When designing products and packaging, there are multifarious options in creating innovative prototypes that enhance the concept of the brand and are functional for the user. Here are some nice beer packaging designs (from dieline.com):

I love everything about this design. The colors and typography are fantastic. What I think really makes this one appealing though is the paper and texture.

This looks almost like a design for a whiskey bottle, but it effectively communicates the “old days of beermaking”.

Nice use of a grid and calligraphic illustrations and type.


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9 years ago · Reply

Ooh yeah the japanese labels are gorgeous.

Rob Feckler
9 years ago · Reply

Those are quite cool. And yeah, designing a beer package/label is pretty fun. You practically have no limit in portraying the nature of the content, the personality of the beer inside the bottle, right?

Rob Feckler

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