Riddle me this:

There is an incandescent lightbulb, which is currently turned off in an upstairs room. You are downstairs, standing next to a panel of three light switches (all of them in the off position). One of them controls the lightbulb. The other two don’t do anything. You must figure out which switch controls the bulb, with …

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The Big Apple

Today I returned from New York City and I had a blast. The trip went by entirely too fast. New York truly is one of the greatest cities in the world. New York is a great accumulation of culture, ideas, and activity. At the foundation of the monumental skyscrapers and billboards are some of the …

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Inspiration Folder

On my computer is a folder where I save creative inspiration (viz. advertisements, campaigns, design, logos, etc). Here are a few images that are currently saved in my inspiration folder: A very creative logo. Very clever unconventional advertising. A great use of counterform. A fantastic use of surroundings! Pantene utilized the split pole for their …

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