Jason Keisling

Car singing

Category : Uncategorized · by Mar 23rd, 2011

When I was in college, I had a friend named Sam who kept a microphone in the cab of his car. Most people sing in the car, but he took it to the next level–using props. While most people are embarrassed to be caught singing in the car, he added a prop! He never seemed to mind stares from people at stoplights that glanced over and saw him screaming into a microphone. Aside from the added distraction while driving and safety concerns, I think this is great! If only more people cared less about how silly they look and just did what they enjoy. As a creative thinker, I think is important to stop worrying so much about looking foolish, asking dumb, questions, and other activities that one might fear. This is when true creativity will flow and when great ideas will emerge.


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