Jason Keisling

My New Year’s Resolutions!

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I never used to make resolutions for the same reasons that many don’t—I considered it imprudent to derive goals that would merely last a couple months before being abandoned. But when I was in college I realized that this idea was simply capitulating to failure without even attempting to accomplish goals. So while I still think goals should be set inveterately, NYE is a convenient time to assess previous goals and set new ones. This is my list of personal goals (I’m excluding career goals), which pretty much remains the same each year:

• Travel to at least five new places
• Read at least 24 new books (1 every two weeks)
• Learn at least 24 new guitar scales (1 every two weeks)
• Learn at least 12 new time signatures (1 every month)
• Memorize 365 new words (1 per day)
• Continue diet & exercise routine from 2012