Jason Keisling

Stop. Grammar time!

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for this entry i’m going to be a rebel and refrain from capital letters.

capitalizing the first word of a sentence seems like a dumb grammatical rule. one knows a word is the beginning of a sentence because it is following a punctuation mark. the capital letter is unnecessary.

the purpose of most rules in grammar is to make a sentence or paragraph more easy to read and to limit confusion.

while i’m at it, here’s another thing people do that is not only unnecessary, but also considered bad typography: double spaces after a period. here’s a great article about why one should never do it.

edit: my mother brought up a possible purpose for capitalizing the first word of a paragraph. it does distinguish between punctuation marks used for things such as an abbreviation and punctuation that symbolizes the end of a thought. for example: “Meet me on Burnside St. before dark.” capitalizing the beginnings of sentences does prevent one from thinking that “before dark” is a new sentence. while i’m talking about abbreviations, why in the hell is “abbreviation”, which means shortening a word, such a long word?

Coolest door ever?

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I never thought I’d be advocating an award for “best door ever”, but this is surely deserving.

It is, however, smaller than a legit ping pong table. Perhaps it can find its niche amongst college students as a beer pong table?