Jason Keisling

Inspiration Folder

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On my computer is a folder where I save creative inspiration (viz. advertisements, campaigns, design, logos, etc). Here are a few images that are currently saved in my inspiration folder:

A very creative logo.

Very clever unconventional advertising.

A great use of counterform.

A fantastic use of surroundings! Pantene utilized the split pole for their hair product that repairs split ends.

Another great logo mark.

A clever ad for sugar free lollipops.

Another great use of surroundings. A gym placed weights on the bar in a subway to make it appear as if the person riding is lifting a large weight.

Despite the poor layout and typography, the idea and message for this ad is very creative.

What a brilliant way to ship and encourage the use of a product!

Another fantastic example of bus advertising.

This ad could almost get me to eat Pizza.


Why I’m a Graphic Designer

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The reasons I decided to go to school to be a graphic designer and the reasons I still choose design as a profession are completely different. Before completing several classes and learning design techniques and philosophy, I was like many people in that I didn’t fully understand what graphic design is. Like most, I thought of it as computer art that someone would create by using as many Photoshop filters as possible and while taking several of the art pre-requisites at school, it didn’t take me long to learn that I didn’t I didn’t really enjoy making art-even if I was good at it. Fortunately, I also learned that graphic design, despite some similarities, is quite divergent from art. I discovered that design was about problem solving, creativity and clear communication. A designer must consistently seek innovative new ways to reach the target market and ultimately create awareness or sell a product or service. Advertising Design has become my favorite branch of design because I get to derive creative mediums and witty concepts to persuade the target market and satisfy the client’s needs. Working with different clients for different target markets creates the opportunity to learn about multifarious subjects, people and cultures. In one semester alone I worked on projects that required researching Rugby, cleaning services, Native Americans, dyslexia, economics, drunk driving, humanities, etc. Working on different projects for different clients poses an opportunity to learn and broaden one’s horizon. Finding the best solution for a company can be very challenging and I enjoy a challenge. I view each problem as an opportunity to take initiative and not only solve the problem, but to turn it into something conspicuously remarkable that is persuasive and fits the company’s needs. I enjoy having to explore options, think, research, and learn in order to form a strong concept upon which to contrive a strong creative solution. Not only do I enjoy all of these activities, I am also talented at accomplishing them and I enjoy striving to become better. I am highly motivated, I pay thorough attention to detail and I work hard to improve my abilities.